About Us, What Are We Doing?

Rechanit Ltd. design and manufacturers since 1993 plastic and carton air fresheners.
As a leading supplier of air fresheners in Israel, our products line includes car air fresheners and phone air fresheners.
We produce two kind of promotional air fresheners:

    • Plastic air freshener.
    • Carton air freshener.

plastic air fresheners :

    • Long lasting fragrance.
    • Stabilized colors, clear and sharp printing.
    • Colors high light stability in the sun.
    • We have the ability to produce three dimensional air fresheners.

Carton air fresheners:

    • full color printing.
    • Cheper then the plastic air fresheners.
    • Stabilized colors, clear and sharp printing.


    • Retail markets:Car air fresheners- printed and non printed, sold in individual pack or display stands.
    • Promotional air fresheners:- Freshly: Promotional air freshener for cars, including 3 dimensional products.
    • Smell-Tel: Promotional phone air freshener.

Promotional Car air freshener

Our company goal is to make high-quality air fresheners,with pleasing and long lasting fragrances.
We have the ability to produce 3D products (a huge advantage that can't be done with paper air fresheners).
You can choose one of the shapes from our stock or make your special shape

Smell-Tel- phone air freshener

    • Smell-Tel - is a special promotional air freshener made of plastic which designed to remove bad odors, and at the same time to perfume the handset phone.
    • Smell-Tel - is located on the handset base with a sticker so each time when the consumer using the phone he will enjoy a pleasant smell, and will notice the advertisement.
    • Smell-Tel - is frequently used, creating opportunities for your brand to be widely seen.
    • Smell-Tel - fragrance duration lasts between 3-6 months, so it has high promotion value at low cost.

Deodorizing Urnial Screen

    • One size - fits most urinals, germ- fighting ingredients help inhibit bacteria growth.
    • Protects the drain and traps debris.
    • Packaged in polybag, includes removal glove.

Plastic Folding cooling* car cup/bottle holder

We need near 2-3 liters of a liquid every day. Driver use to spend 2,5 hours a day in the car during 200 days per year. Taking this the possibility to keep handy the favorite cooled drink, contributes for the more comfortable driver and passengers state.
This car cup holder also can be used in a partnership programs with a beverage, beer and coffee suppliers. As well in a variety of BTL actions, at a refueling complexes and auto-shops as an advertising media.
Also, as a souvenir, you can use it in loyalty programs for an auto dealers and service stations. As a supporting gift cup holder may be used at purchase of a motor oil, automobile tires, batteries, etc.

The feature attachment maintains a low temperature of a liquid in the tank, which is located in the cup holders in a cars with air conditioning.
Advantages: Large selection of the colors and possibility of media drawing (TM, logo, etc.)

    • Accommodation in a car in the visual contact area
    • About 50% cars in Europe does not have cup holders initially * Non-stop liquid cooling during all the time of conditioner working
    • Prolonged use of the media
    • Active and solvent audience
    • Suitable for the 85% car models
    • Convenient packaging of the cup holders